Baby Carrier Buying Guide 2021

Baby carriers are fashionable today, but they are nothing new. Moms have relied on scarves, mei-tais, scarves and other inventions to be able to carry the baby around. Carriers are a good way to carry your baby in the first few months (and beyond), there’s no better way to ease the load a bit than with a well-chosen carrier. But they can also be useful at home, especially if your little one prefers to snuggle to just about anything else.

Deciding to buy a baby carrier is easy, the difficult thing is to choose the right one . But do not worry, in this article we will see the different types and we will show you what are the needs and characteristics of the ideal baby carrier. 

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What is a baby carrier?

A baby carrier is an alternative to be able to take our baby with us, with the comfort of having our hands free. Baby carriers have many advantages  . Not only will our baby feel safe, but it will strengthen the bond between the baby and the parents. 

Instead of having to resort to a stroller, the baby carrier is very efficient and less complicated. In this article we will discover together the advantages of using a baby carrier.

Advantages of using a baby carrier

Parents like baby all benefit from using a baby carrier. The first benefit is that the carrier allows you to have your baby close, close to you while you are busy with your daily chores. And seen from another perspective, it is a very beneficial practice for the baby than one might think. It facilitates the feeling of attachment and allows the baby to always feel close to its parents. This is how he feels loved and protected.

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The baby carrier contributes greatly to the consolidation of family ties between the baby and his parents. And in view of the multiple positions it offers, the mother will be able to breastfeed her baby without difficulty, without having to resort to the use of her hands. Soft and light, they are safe accessories that you are not putting your baby at risk. 

Benefits for the baby

Very often, the upright position is the one adopted by many people or at least parents who use baby carriers. This is not a bad thing, as it is clinically proven to be the best position to aid your baby’s digestion, especially if he has just been fed. This being the risk of backflow is zero. In addition, there is a feeling of attachment that is created between the baby and his parents. You can easily see and even hear your parents.

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Benefits for parents

The first benefit of using a carrier for parents is freedom of movement. Whether it’s making a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, or going about your daily activities, there’s nothing like that. You have both hands free. In addition, it facilitates breastfeeding due to the multiple transport positions it offers. There are a multitude of reasons to equip yourself with it.

What should i take into account when buying a baby carrier?

  1. Baby Weight: The carrier should not be used until the newborn weighs 3.5 kg and is 53 cm tall. When the child begins to weigh around 10 kg, you can stop using the carrier. It is important to read the instructions of the baby carrier before buying it. 
  2. The age of your baby: Although it may vary depending on the model. If you plan to use the baby carrier for a long time, it will have to be evolutionary, to be able to enlarge it as the baby grows.
  3. Installation : You should opt for a baby carrier that is easy to install and practical to use.
  4. Comfortable : for the baby and for the parents. 
  5. Washable: Important especially for the naughtiest babies.
  6. Frequency of use: some baby carriers are suitable for long-term use. Others do not. Take note of this detail before making any purchase.

Types of baby carriers

Baby Carrier

Backpacks are the most popular type of carrier. There are several different types of baby carrier backpacks, but our recommendation is the evolutionary ones, to be able to adapt them to the size of our baby and the ergonomic ones, with which our baby will be in the most natural position possible.

The ideal baby carrier has to be light, and easy to put on, and of course comfortable for our baby and that it distributes its weight well.

Today there are many brands. They are worn in the front or on the back and some allow the option of wearing it on the hips. Most of them also incorporate a support for the baby’s head so that it can be used from birth, although I have used it and the baby seemed lost in there and his legs were too far apart and it did not seem natural to me. There are some that incorporate a special reducer for newborns.

Another thing to keep in mind before buying a backpack is to find one in which the baby is sitting and not with the legs dangling.


  • Evolutionary backpacks will allow us to use them for longer
  • They are the most accepted by parents.
  • Thanks to the regulation systems, the same backpack can be used by mom or dad.


  • Take up more space than other baby carrier systems
  • Some baby carriers are difficult to fit.
  • They can be too hot, especially in summer.

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Baby slings

The baby sling is recommended for the first months of our baby’s age. There is a wide variety of baby slings for sale, choosing which one to buy can be difficult, but following our recommendations will make it easier for you.

What should I take into account when buying a baby sling?

In our experience, the most important points to take into account when buying a baby sling are:

  • Pre-knottable . They have the great advantage that they can be tied without the baby in their arms. Perfect for the most inexperienced.
  • Comfort . Stretch fabric foulards are more adaptable, being better for the baby’s comfort. Perfect for the first months.
  • Knot type. Some scarves allow you to make types of cross knots, which increase the safety and comfort of the baby.
  • Baby’s Age: Baby slings are indicated for the baby’s first months, from 6 months on other types of baby carriers are recommended.


  • Comfortable : The elastic baby carriers are comfortable and adaptable, both for the baby and for the parents.
  • Lightweight : They weigh little and can be stored in small spaces.
  • Simple to put on : They are easy to put on, they can be tied without the baby. We can put the baby in and out without removing the knot.


  • Elasticity : they do not support much weight, between 7 and 10 kg.
  • Durability : the fabric deforms from use.
  • Safety : most do not allow straps on the back.
  • Hot

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Baby carrier t-shirt

Baby carrier shirts are another option that we find in the market, there are different models. Their greatest advantage is that they maintain “skin-to-skin” contact between the baby and the breast. But beware, not all baby carrier shirts are safe for your baby, so it is important to choose well.

  • Ease of use : It should be easy to put on, some shirts are difficult to put on and can compromise the position of the baby.
  • Comfort : It is essential that it is comfortable for the baby and the mother, always maintaining a correct fit.
  • Ergonomics : The baby must always maintain a good position.
  • Skin to skin : Skin to skin contact is something that is increasingly demanded by the breasts and more comfortable for the baby.
  • Material : Choose natural materials to avoid skin problems.

What should I take into account when buying a baby sling?

  • Skin to skin porting
  • Comfort and safety for the baby
  • Simplicity
  • It favors the mother-baby bond.
  • Washable


  • If we don’t put it right, we compromise the baby’s position
  • Most models do not allow a point adjustment.

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Baby Carrier Shoulder Bag

The  baby carrier sling made of a fabric with rings sewn at the end, which regulate the adjustment of the fabric to adapt to the body of the baby and the carrier.

The  baby carrier strap  is one of the most ergonomic options , allowing a very precise point-by-point adjustment to our baby’s body.

It must be taken into account that, in the  ring baby carrier sling , the weight distribution on the body of the carrier is  asymmetrical , that is, load on one side only. For this reason, it is recommended for punctual carrying, but it is not an alternative to the two-shoulder baby carrier, such as the scarf or backpack.

  • Ergonomics : They are one of the most ergonomic options for our baby
  • Security : Allow point-by-point adjustment
  • Simple to install
  • Asymmetric weight distribution : When carrying on one shoulder, they are more uncomfortable for the wearer, so they are not recommended for very long periods of time.

The best baby carrier

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  • Porteo seguro
  • Manos libres
  • Fresco y Ligero
  • Ergonómico y Ajustable
  • Fabricado en España, con tejido libre de tóxicos y metales pesados

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Mei Tai baby carrier

The Mei Tai baby carriers of Asian origin, are a type of baby carrier that allows us to carry our baby or child in front, hip or back. Being an excellent option if you are looking for a single baby carrier for different ages.

The use of Mei Tai is not recommended until 5/6 months of age of the baby.

Mei Tai baby carriers are evolutionary, so they “grow” with your baby, and can be used up to 36 months of age.


  • Evolutionary : from 5 to 36 months.
  • Ergonomic : Different positions for the baby.
  • Comfortable for baby and carrier
  • Simple to install


  • Some models have the straps that are too long and are a bit uncomfortable when walking.

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MHUG, portabebés Mei Tai ergonómico y patentado Japan
  • La evolución del portabebés. El único Mei Tai patentado. Pequeño, cómodo, versátil, seguro y bonito.
  • Apto desde el nacimiento y probado hasta 18 kg. Se ha diseñado en colaboración con médicos y matronas.
  • El bebé mantiene una posición ergonómica, adaptada a la naturaleza y a la fisiología, para una descarga correcta del peso.
  • Mhug es la primera empresa que fabrica la totalidad de la línea productiva en Italia.
  • Seguridad ante todo. Mhug encarga a laboratorios acreditados la realización de pruebas fisicomecánicas, químicas y de inflamabilidad, incluso si no están previstas por la ley.

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